Fudge Kitchen Contact Number: 01303 864 400

Call Fudge Kitchen on their customer service telephone number 01303 864 400 for enquiries abut the products available at the Windsor sweet shop or if you would like help making an online order.


About Fudge Kitchen

Fudge Kitchen was established in 1983 but is now in shops across the United Kingdom, including Bath, Cambridge and Windsor in the South East. The store sells a variety luxury confectionery products and drinking fudge while also giving visitors access to a range of sweet making demonstrations. You can buy the store’s products in their Windsor store, online or in one of their many stockists throughout the UK.


Fudge Kitchen General Enquiries – 01303 864 400

Contact the Fudge Kitchen by calling their customer service telephone number 01303 864 400 if you would like to contact a store representative with any questions about their produce. For instance, callers can request gift ideas over the phone so that Fudge Kitchen can build a box to send to the recipient’s address. If you have bought a making fudge at home kit but are unsure of what to do then you can ask for advice on how to use it over the phone.

Callers should also ask for technical support if they are having an issue making an online order as the advisor will be able to fix any problems with your account over the phone. For instance, if your account has frozen then you should get in touch to update your payment methods and delivery address before completing your transaction with the customer service advisor.

You should also get in touch to enquire about the cost of participating in the shop’s fudge making experience before booking a place over the phone. Alternatively, you may wish to watch a live fudge making demonstration rather than get involved yourself and should enquire about the appropriate times to visit the Windsor store. The Fudge Kitchen also caters events and you can enquire abut the cost of hiring their services for a corporate function or wedding reception.

If you are unhappy with a particular product made by the company or if an online delivery has been delivered much later than its estimate then you may wish to register a formal complaint with the company. The customer service advice will also be able to detail the returns process if you would like a refund on your Fudge Kitchen purchase.


Call Costs and Contact Hours

The Fudge Kitchen customer service department uses a 01 contact number that will charge callers the same standard per-minute rate as any other local call from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However, you can contact the store for free if you are using any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your network provider. The Fudge Kitchen is available to be contacted during the working week as it operates its helpline during the opening hours of 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.


Visit the Windsor Shop

If you would like to see the range of confectionery products made by Fudge Kitchen for yourself then you should take note of their Windsor store’s address prior to your visit: Fudge Kitchen, 20 Thames St, Windsor SL4 1PL, United Kingdom.

June 8, 2017