Domino’s Pizza (Brighton London Road Store): 01273 675 676

Contact the branch of Domino’s Pizza on London Road in Brighton by calling their local phone number 01273 675 676 for information about any deals, discount codes or to report a late delivery.


Brighton London Road Store – 01273 675 676

Call Domino’s on their contact number 01782 844 111 for their store on London Road in Brighton if you would like to order a pizza over the phone. Callers can also use this number to ask for a full range of offers and discount codes available in their local store before making an order on the Domino’s website. Alternatively, if you are making a phone order then you may wish to use the above number to also ask for a price list, before discussing the cost of optional extras such as a stuffed crust pizza base as well as sides such as garlic bread and chicken strippers. The Wellingborough representative can also detail if there are any store specific promotions that could reduce the cost of your order. Alternatively, if you have used the Domino’s made an order to collect from the store, then you may wish to call to ask when your pizza will be ready to pick up. However, if you have an online order but have specified the Domino’s home delivery service then you can use this number for tracking updates or to express any concerns if your food is late. You can also contact the Brighton store if you have been sent an incorrect order or have been given a meal with a missing item before asking for a redelivery.


The Takeaway’s Call Costs and Opening Times

Phone numbers that begin with the ’01’ prefix will only charge callers the fixed per-minute rate for a standard local call made from a UK landline or mobile. However, if you have free calls to local numbers in your landline deal or inclusive free minutes as part of your mobile tariff then you will be able to contact the Brighton store for free. The London Road branch of Domino’s is available to call during its store opening hours of 10:30am–3:45am Monday to Sunday.


Domino’s Pizza Phone Numbers

Domino’s Pizza Helpline UK Contact Telephone Number
Brighton London Road Store 01273 675 676
National Complaints Helpline 01908 580 000


Collect Your Pizza from the Store

If you have chosen to collect your pizza from the store rather then have it delivered to your home then you should take note of the Brighton Domino’s address for use in your car’s SatNav or your mobile phone’s maps app Domino’s Pizza, 56 London Rd, Brighton, BN1 4JF, United Kingdom.

September 29, 2017